Why the Break/Fix Model Doesn't Work

The break/fix IT model has been around for as long as businesses have been using technology for day-to-day operations. Maybe you’re working with a managed service provider (MSP) who takes a break/fix mentality to your IT needs, or your team hasn’t yet moved to a more proactive service model. Either way, a break/fix approach to your technology needs only ends up restricting your business’s success in the long run. Here’s why.

What is a Break/Fix Support Model?

A break/fix service model is when an IT provider only delivers services on an as-needed basis. The name came from the idea that when something broke, an IT provider would be called to fix it. Using this model, your IT provider only performs services as required to sustain normal network operations. These services generally include repairs, upgrades, installations, component replacement, and network management.

Once things are up and running, however, the IT services provider takes a hands-off approach to your organization’s daily technology needs. At that point, it’s up to your team to handle network operations, and you only call them when you need their help. As a result, you only pay for IT services when or if they’re required.

When planning IT expenses, many businesses are looking for ways to cut technology costs. This goal often leads companies to adopt a break/fix mentality, since they don’t have to spend any money on their IT until they have to. While this mentality can save you money today, it can end up costing you more tomorrow should anything involving your network go awry.

Break/Fix vs. Managed Services

The alternative to a break/fix service model is the managed service model. With managed IT services, customers pay a fixed amount for IT services each month. This model allows an IT partner to take a more hands-on approach to your technology platform with comprehensive services that continually optimize and protect your network. When things go wrong, you know exactly who to call, and you often don’t have to pay anything out of pocket other than the monthly fee to cover repairs and other network problems. Managed IT providers design their services to end up saving you money in the long run by protecting you from surprise IT costs and network downtime.

How a Break/Fix Model Limits Business Success

You may be thinking, “Why spend money on technology today when I could save it for tomorrow?” The answer: taking a break/fix approach today ultimately ends up costing you more tomorrow. Here’s how:

Support Constraints

When something goes wrong with a break/fix IT service model, and your network goes down, your team’s productivity is immediately impacted. From there, you have to call your IT provider and explain the problem to them. Depending on their availability, they’ll then have to schedule to send someone out. Since your network likely isn’t their top priority, that may take hours or even days. All of that network downtime results in lost revenue, missed opportunities, and unsatisfied clients. Why not avoid the hassle with the 24/7 monitorization offered by a managed IT partner like Hi-Tek?

Unpredictable IT Expenses

One of the goals of a managed service plan is to deliver a sustainable, predictable monthly budget for your IT needs. This spending plan not only makes planning IT expenses simpler—it also protects you business from surprise expenses when something goes wrong. And if you can’t afford the cost of a repair or replacement at that time, how can you restore normal network operations?

Poor Network Performance

A managed service provider continually looks for ways to leverage the latest technology and optimize network performance. With a break/fix IT platform, however, network performance and reliability either become static or worse over time as network demands increase. Poor network performance quickly leads to disgruntled employees, unhappy customers, and reduced productivity.

An Unreliable Network

On top of performance, a break/fix service model also leads to a less reliable network. An MSP works with you to identify ongoing upgrades and replacements to minimize the chance of a network outage or disruption in the first place. With break/fix services, you’re left to guess if or when your network will go down to make those necessary repairs.

Break Away from a Break/Fix Model with the Long Island IT Support Specialists

At Hi-Tek Data, our managed IT services are designed to help you break free from the restrictions of a break/fix mentality. We work with you to make your IT needs a predictable monthly expense while ensuring your technology never limits business growth. Contact our experts today to start exploring how much more you can expect from a long-term Long Island IT provider.