Our Story

We are always proactive, never reactive.

When you understand our story, you’ll see why we provide all our services and solutions to our clients.

Hi-Tek Through The Years

Our story began in 1982 when Alex Hartley established Hi-Tek Data Corp.  At that time, the nature of the IT world was vastly different. Our initial focus was on finding ways to automate business processes using PCs. As you know, technology adapts quickly and before long, clients started networking their PCs and required assistance with their computers. If we didn’t pivot and adapt to what the market required back then, you wouldn’t be reading about us today—our business started to encompass a broader selection of technology services. Innovating, adapting, and evolving are essential to  Hi-Tek’s identity.  

Fast forward nearly three decades to 2011: Alex’s son, Adam, took over as president. During that time, technology has changed in ways no one could have predicted. With each passing year, technology evolves and expands – and  Hi-Tek Data has evolved with each new advancement. Companies began to move toward more digital-centric marketing strategies and rely more and more on the strength of their network to further their products.

, Our Story

Make Sure You’re Always Adapting to Keep Up With Technology

Our business was built to help you grow.

The Right Provider for You

If you aren’t in the tech world, then each new advancement in technology might have come as a shock and a surprise. You might have thought, How can my business keep up with each new change? When you work with us, we will ensure that your business uses the latest advancements in IT.

We’ve never been stagnant in our approach—we pride ourselves on proactively seeking out new ways to develop our web application services, cyber security solutions, eCommerce tools, and every other service we offer. While the solutions we deliver today are unrecognizable from 1982, our approach is the same: whatever services your business needs, we can guarantee that Hi-Tek will always try to find the right solution for your company.

, Our Story