When running a business, the unknowns are simply endless. What will the competition look like in 6 months? What change in the market will force me to totally rethink our current strategy? No one knows what next week will bring – it could be a hurricane that takes out thousands of home’s power, or a new piece of malware that your IT team has never seen before and you have now lost some critical information to a nefarious actor. The surprises in the world of information technology can be complicated and hard to predict, especially if you are not a professional in that field. That is why you need to outsource your IT work to professionals. Because, in times of crisis, uncertainty, and upheaval, Hi-Tek Data can be a stable, trustworthy partner to help you navigate the time ahead. Hi-Tek Data has the resources and the expertise to strengthen your IT so, when things are uncertain, you can be certain that for IT computer support in Long Island, Hi-Tek Data has your back. Our team has great cloud services – which is great for backing up information – and cybersecurity. No matter what the threat, we can protect your company’s data and IT.

Hi-Tek Data’s IT Computer Support In Long Island Services Businesses Like Yours


Are you aware of what sort of cybersecurity your business has in place? When was the last time it was updated? Are your employees trained to detect suspicious activity, such as phishing? These are all important questions to be asking because you will have to answer them one day and you would rather answer them now than when a piece of malware is holding vital information for ransom. Along with training your employees on how to detect suspicious activity, Hi-Tek Data hosts a number of cybersecurity solutions for IT computer support in Long Island:

  • Hi-Tek Data’s Ransomware Security offers a multi-layered data protection approach, which includes a thorough and detailed ransomware protection. Hi-Tek Data’s solutions include redundant backups and file encryption so you will still have access to your network, no matter who is trying to hijack your data.
  • CISO Services will provide your business with protection measures like penetration testing, staff security training, and risk assessment tests. With our CISO services, we will work to prevent hackers and unauthorized users from gaining access to your network. 
  • Our Risk Assessments work to prevent your network from cyber threats. We will monitor the traffic on your website, ensure that your operating system is up to date, and monitor any intrusion detection. As part of our IT computer support in Long Island, Hi-Tek Data will make sure that you have the strongest cybersecurity framework. 

Cloud Services

Dealing with IT and updating all of your servers is a difficult task, and not one you should spend much time worrying about. Cloud computing will expedite and make much of your IT easier to handle and access. With our cloud services, you can easily access documents and work from anywhere – you do not need to be at work to be able to access your documents. In addition, our cloud services provide redundant backups, so in the case that files become lost or corrupted, you can rest assured that your files will still be available to you.

For any business of any size, when you’re looking for IT computer support in Long Island, you can benefit from outsourcing your IT work to the professionals at Hi-Tek Data. Our comprehensive solutions can provide you and your business with the peace of mind to focus on your business. In times of uncertainty, you want to make sure that all of your sensitive information and documents are secure.