Every day the need for robust, efficient, and secure IT networks and systems becomes more apparent. Choosing to use managed IT services not only allows you to support and lessen the burdens on your current IT teams; it will enable you to implement preventative and recovery strategies to keep your business running and profitable. Hi-Tek Data wants to give you a closer look at the ways using managed IT solutions can help your business thrive! Keep reading below to see five reasons you need to contact us today!

Managed IT Services Provide Network Security

Maintaining a secure IT network and preventing data loss is one of the top concerns for any business. Securing your IT systems and networks is one of the significant benefits of using a managed IT service provider like Hi-Tek Data. 

If your data is lost or stolen, it can have devastating effects on your business’s reputation and profits. Unfortunately, it could take years, if ever, for your company to recover. However, managed IT services can monitor and protect your network 24/7. Plus, you can rest easy knowing your systems will be updated and properly maintained to ensure you have the latest security measures available. 

Back Your Team With Managed IT Services

Studies suggest that only around 30% of small businesses use some form of managed IT services, and of that percentage, 90% like the service and feel it benefits their business. In addition, more and more businesses realize that incorporating managed IT solutions into their company’s has a major impact on their existing IT staff.

Your current team will be freed up to focus on the day-to-day activities and needs of your company. You will have the confidence that your business is being protected and monitored from the inside and out.

With Managed IT Services You Can Level the Playing Field

The field of managed IT solutions and services is growing every year. If your company is going to compete, you need a provider like Hi-Tek Data to level the playing field for your business. 

Your company is going to face the same challenges, and threats larger businesses do. You shouldn’t settle for second-rate networks and protections. Hi-Tek Data treats every company we work with like the most important one in the world; because it is to you!

Remain Up-to-Date With Managed IT Services

There are seemingly endless news stories of businesses having their data breached, and the government is taking notice – and is beginning to impose tighter regulations. Using Hi-Tek Data for your managed IT solutions allows us to focus on ensuring your business is compliant and following all laws and regulations and will enable you to focus on other parts of your company.

Cost Savings With Managed IT Services

Using managed IT solutions isn’t just another added expense for your company. Using managed IT services allows you to have a smaller, more focused in-house IT team. You will be free from the constant cycle of costly recruitment programs and training. Continuous protection and monitoring allow you to reduce downtimes that stall your business’s growth.

Owning and running a business is hard to do alone. You have a thousand things to keep track of every day. You need a partner that has your back and will work alongside you in making your business successful. HI-Tek Data has over 30 years of providing companies like yours with managed IT services. If you’re in the Long Island area, call us today to see how we can help your business be successful.