The world of information technology, the internet, and the hardware to go along with it are changing at a rapid pace. Each year new updates are rolled out, rendering many applications and methods obsolete. Unfortunately, it is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest innovations, but that is very difficult for a business owner. You simply have too much to keep up with. However, Hi-Tek Data has a solution for you. By outsourcing your business IT support services, Hi-Tek Data can help any Long Island, New Jersey, or Connecticut business – both small and large – have the latest innovations in cybersecurity, cloud computing, and managed IT services.


Hi-Tek Data offers Long Island, New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut businesses the best in cybersecurity with our business IT support services. We offer risk assessment services, in which we assess how well your current cybersecurity program is currently protecting your data and sensitive documents. Our ransomware security provides a multilayered and comprehensive defense against ransomware. By encrypting your files and providing redundant backups, you can rest assured that your documents are safe from being lost or destroyed. We can also provide you and your employees with security awareness training, which is where we will educate and inform your employees on the latest methods that bad actors will use to trick your employees into following a bad link or giving up vital personal information.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a great way to streamline and improve your network efficiency. For example, in the past year, many businesses had to conduct their work remotely. But if you were tied down with many servers, all of which were connected to devices at your place of business, making that transition to remote work might have been difficult. With cloud computing, you will not have to report to your place of work to access your work. Instead, your information will be backed up on our cloud, so you can access your work from wherever you are. Our cloud computing can utilize Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and Virtual Servers. With Hi-Tek Data’s cloud computing, your business will be mobile, flexible, and efficient.

Managed Business IT Support Services

Our Managed IT Services is where Hi-Tek Data separates itself from other IT businesses and can allow you to have access to the best in information technology. No matter what the size of your business is, Hi-Tek Data can provide a solution that fits your specific needs. With our services, you will not need to hire additional staff and worry about those expenses. You can simply outsource all of your business IT support services to us, and we will tailor an approach that works for you. 


Hi-Tek Data has been providing Long Island businesses with the IT support and outreach they need for over 30 years. By working with our team, you will have access to the latest in cybersecurity and cloud computing, among a host of other innovative technologies. Call Hi-Tek Data today and get connected with our services!