Staff Augmentation

We find additional IT support for your business so you don’t have to.

Need additional IT support? Hi-Tek’s staff augmentation services give your the professional IT support you need whenever you need us to step in and help.

Additional IT Support In Long Island

Does your IT require additional support? Our team offers comprehensive IT staff augmentation services to help your team avoid downtime and maximize productivity. While we provide ongoing IT support for our clients, some companies might need a little extra help. We step right into the role you need us to so your team never has to worry about sick days, vacation days, promotions, or turnover. We are exactly where you need us to be, right when you need us the most. Most IT staff augmentation companies stay pigeon-holed into smaller roles, while your internal team does all the heavy lifting. With us, it will be as if you’re bringing on new staff members without the extra cost and hassle.

Does Your Staff Need A Hand?

We’ll help you find the support you need.

Supplemental IT Staff Augmentation

Scaling your IT solutions up or down based on personnel decisions, company growth, and budgetary concerns can be taxing. With us, it’s our job to make sure that the IT solution you have in place is adequately supported without torpedoing your budget. We offer part-time or full-time on-site services for additional IT support you might need. Our staff augmentation services include:

, Staff Augmentation

Support Your Team

Whether you need a quick fix or long-term supplemental support, our IT staff augmentation services are designed to ensure all your IT needs are met. Our IT support staff can shore up your team for a large company change or act as the de facto IT solution for a small business—whatever you’re looking for, our team delivers. If you are based in NYC or on Long Island, get your team the support it needs from Hi-Tek.