Business Continuity

Disasters happen, so don‘t wait until it’s too late to prepare for the worst.

Business continuity is a set of strategies and policies that bring your business back to full strength after a disaster strikes. Work with Hi-Tek to implement your business continuity strategies.

What’sYour BDR Plan?

Planning smart means planning ahead. Catastrophic events can take place at any time. We make sure you’re prepared for whatever life throws your way. Our disaster recovery solutions offer premium data protection and business continuity, so your critical business functions are always intact.

Hi-Tek works closely with your team to identify which processes are necessary for you to maintain a high level of productivity and avoid the danger of work stoppages. Our team provides high-quality consultation to design a full recovery solution for your specific business.

Our recovery and business continuity solutions include:

  • Cloud-based services for remote access through your virtual machines so that you can always pick up right where you left off.
  • Redundant data backup (including cloud backup) at an offsite data center, minimizing the chance of any information slipping through the cracks. This allows your team to eliminate any possibility of business-critical data leaving your company for good (so you don’t ever fall prey to phishing attacks).
  • Seamless business operation recovery, retaining all of your core processes, procedures, and policies. We leave no stone unturned and solidify every aspect of your business’s technology for reliable, replicable performance.
  • Comprehensive security solutions so that you’re prepared for whatever threat may be headed your way. The more modern your security system is, the more likely you are to avoid any kind of security threat.
  • Thorough documentation services, providing unprecedented insight into your data (for your eyes only) so that you can hit the ground running in the wake of a cyberattack, natural disaster, or any other unforeseen occurrence.
  • Minimizing recovery time objectives, bringing you back up to speed in no time.
  • Downtime can level your company if you’re not careful, and a reliable disaster recovery solution can keep you firing on all cylinders no matter what.

Do You Have a Recovery Strategy in Place?

You will have peace of mind knowing your systems are being properly protected.

Datto and Veeam: The Best in the Business

Why do we work with industry-leading security providers? Because we want to give our clients the peace of mind they need to work more effectively and confidently than ever. We provide software solutions from Datto and Veeam because they’re two of the most trusted names in the field, and they have fine-tuned their product offering to deliver optimal results for companies seeking reliable, efficient disaster recovery.

Our team can help you identify which solution is right for you before we work on installation, maintenance, and ongoing support for the business continuity and disaster recovery service you ultimately choose for your network. Whether you’re working in supply chain management, finance, retail, or any other industry, you can’t afford to leave your data at the mercy of factors beyond your control. Solidify your future and choose a provider that can deliver the software you need.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRAAS): Why You Need It

What’s your plan for when things go south? If your data and critical information aren’t backed up and secure, you could be in serious trouble. That’s why we provide business continuity and disaster recovery services as part of our managed service provider (MSP) offering. Every business needs to have a plan in place to reduce recovery time, minimize business disruptions, and protect your valuable data.

Our team provides certified expertise for planning your recovery strategy. We use software applications from Datto and Veeam, two premier data recovery specialists, to ensure you can regain access to your data quickly and easily. Our goal is to provide the perfect business continuity management service for your specific network so that you can resume operations after a disaster.

Are You Prepared for When Disaster Strikes?

If you’re concerned that your existing disaster recovery and business continuity strategies aren’t adequate for your specific network, reach out to our staff today to ensure your plan is right for you. We’re confident that our expertise in working with cutting-edge providers like Datto and Veeam will give you the insight necessary to design an all-encompassing solution for your company.

The more reliable your business continuity and disaster recovery solutions are, the easier it is for your company to thrive under any circumstances. Move forward confidently and reach out to Hi-Tek today for more information on how we can provide the peace of mind you’re looking for.