Risk Assessments

Are there weak spots in your network that you don’t know about?

Do you know what your network’s current risk levels are? Hi-Tek’s risk assessments can show you what they look like. Then we’ll take steps to reduce those risks.

Network Security Assessment

When’s the last time your company took part in a network security assessment? Most network security solutions companies offer one-size-fits-all solutions that don’t grow and change, even though threats to your network become more sophisticated over time. If you’re not scheduling consistent risk assessments for your network, your cyber security could easily suffer from ransomware, phishing attacks, and other viruses.

Left untreated, those threats can lead to copious downtime, or severely harm productivity and long-term data protection. That’s why Hi-Tek offers comprehensive risk analysis and penetration testing services—our goal is to make sure there aren’t weak spots in your system. The last thing you want is to have your antivirus software and network intrusion detection system let you down. With Hi-Tek, we stay on top of your system to deliver a continually evolving and improving solution.

Do You Have a Plan in Place for Network Security?

A risk assessment will identify weak spots in your network.

Is Your Network Safe?

Things might be going well for now, but if you aren’t updating and fortifying your cyber security solution, then you could be in serious trouble. At Hi-Tek, our goal is to always stay in front of the problem—our proactive risk assessment strategies offer a full-range of services designed to identify where your existing system is falling short. Our security risk assessments include:

  • Operating system updates
  • Intrusion detection
  • Monitoring of network traffic
  • Real-time reporting
  • Standard-compliant security updates
  • Ongoing monitoring to identify potential threats

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Security Risk Assessment?

How confident are you that your current security solution is up to the task of repelling a cyber threat? A risk assessment can provide several crucial benefits for your network, including:

  • High-quality uptime
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance costs due to avoidance of threats
  • Exceptional productivity
  • Improved threat intelligence with anomaly based detection
  • Avoidance of costly downtime
  • Proactive removal of a broad range of security threats

Move Forward With Confidence

There could very well be several pain points throughout your cyber security solution, but until you undergo an assessment you might have no idea that you’re in danger of any kind. In order to maintain compliance standards within your industry, avoid costly maintenance, and maintain optimal uptime for your entire network, you need to be absolutely sure that there are no vulnerabilities within your infrastructure. That’s why a risk assessment is such a crucial tool for companies—information technology might be increasing in power, reach, and capabilities everyday, but that means those threats are becoming more sophisticated, too. Don’t let avoidable issues be the reason that your company suffers the consequences. Make sure you’re protected, and choose Hi-Tek.

Be Proactive In Your Network Protection

If you aren’t actively identifying weak spots in your network, you’re already at risk. Hi-Tek’s constant monitoring, detailed reporting, and frequent security risk assessments give your team the tools they need to produce at an optimal level.