Identity Management

Protect your business and allow your employees to work safely and securely.

Protect your users’ identities with our identity management services. We’ll safeguard your users and your network, no matter what happens.

Simplify Your Network

It’s easy to streamline your network with the right identity management solutions. A single pane of glass view or identity management systems, allow for simple user access to password management and credentials. This ensures your identity information is easy to find for you while remaining secure from unwanted threats. If you’re not securely managing access to your information, then you could be in serious trouble of a security breach. We’ll make managing your identity and access management easier than ever.

Do You Have Control Over What Your Employees Can and Cannot Access?

Manage your employee’s accounts – and your company’s risks – more effectively then ever.

What is a Single Pane of Glass View?

Identity management should improve accessibility and make your life easier, not complicate your network. A single pane of glass view allows for system administrators, users, and executive level employees to all take a big-picture look at your company’s management console. It integrates every aspect of computer management into a simple, easily accessible location for increased access to your system’s information. Our user-friendly identity management solutions allow users to securely access their information, while also allowing for scalable password and account management.

Streamline Your Network for Optimal Efficiency

The last thing you want when an employee leaves is to have trouble recovering their information. With our user-friendly identity management services, you’ll never have to worry about retrieving, changing, or re-allocating accounts that were designated for former employees. Contact us today to find out why businesses all over Long Island and NYC have trusted Hi-Tek Data to provide professional identity management and protection services.