Cyber Security

Defend your sensitive data from cyber threats with our cyber and cloud security solutions.

Our cyber security services provide training for your employees, determine your current network risk level, and protect your users’ identities, among other things.

What Does Your Current Cyber Security Look Like?

Do you know how safe your network’s secure data really is? Is it safe from malicious software, including ransomware attacks? Have you trained your employees to recognize social engineering tactics like phishing emails? What does your current cyber security risk management process look like?

Don’t panic if you’re not sure how to answer these questions. Hi-Tek Data will come on board to reduce cyber risks and prevent cyber threats and unauthorized users from gaining access to your sensitive information.

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Cyber Security Services

Hi-Tek Data protects your business from vicious ransomware attacks, and we provide virtual CISO services to prepare for the future of your network’s security.

Ransomware Security

We offer a multi-layered data protection approach that includes comprehensive ransomware prevention measures. These solutions range from file encryption to redundant backups, and we perform them to ensure you have access to your network even if a hacker tries to hijack it with ransomware.

CISO Services

Our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services provide threat protection measures such as penetration testing, risk assessment tests, and staff security training. Most importantly, however, we develop cyber security strategies to prevent hackers and cyber threats from gaining unauthorized access to your network. When we provide CISO services, we create strategies that meet your business’s and network’s specific security needs.

Additional Cyber Security Services

The following services protect your network by assessing your risk levels, protecting your users’ identities, and training your employees.

Risk Assessments

We perform risk assessments to ensure your network isn’t exposed to potential cyber threats. These assessments include operating system updates, standard-compliant security updates, network traffic monitoring, and intrusion detection. We assess your network to make sure your cybersecurity framework is as strong as it can possibly be.

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Security Awareness Training

Your employees are your first line of defense against cyber attacks. That’s why we train them to recognize common security threats such as phishing attacks. Why is this training so important? It’s important because a phishing email can trick your employees into giving up sensitive data or personal information through a simple message, which can undo all your other security measures. Invest in your employees and increase their cyber security awareness. Your network’s safety could depend on it.

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Identity Management

We implement identity management solutions that simplify your ability to manage your personal information, including login credentials and passwords. We call these solutions a single pane of glass view. This view allows your executives and administrators to take a big-picture look at the management console so they can see all your computer system’s information in one easily accessible location.

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Assess Your Network Risk Today

Discover what your network’s current risk level is through one of our risk assessments. We’ll show you where you are so you can mitigate risk going forward.

Intrusion Protection

Our managed security information and event management (SIEM) solutions provide a long view of the security measures and general activity within your network. This means you can correct your network’s course when you spot emerging cyber threats or unauthorized access happening within your systems.

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Many different industries require their companies to stay compliant with specific state and federal regulations. We keep our clients compliant with regulations such as HIPAA for the healthcare industry and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) for financial information. Staying compliant with all relevant regulations will improve your cyber security and your company’s reputation.

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