Cyber Security

Defend your sensitive data from cyber threats with our IT security services.

What Does Your Current Cyber Security Look Like?

Do you know how safe your network’s secure data really is? Is it safe from malicious software? Can your employees recognize cyber threats? Is your IT security regularly stress tested for risks?

Don’t panic if you’re not sure how to answer these questions. Hi-Tek Data will work with you in whatever capacity you would like to ensure that your network – including all of the information and data there – is safe from threats.

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Managed IT Security Services

Hi-Tek Data will provide you with both the security and the advice to protect your business from cyber threats.

Ransomware Security

You need rigorous, thorough IT security. That’s why we offer a multi-layered data protection approach that includes comprehensive ransomware prevention measures, including file encryption and redundant backups. Our ransomware security will allow you to access your network even if someone tries to compromise it.

CISO Services

Do you have someone on staff to help organize your cyber security? Well, you now can. Our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) will work directly with your business and provide protection measures such as penetration testing, risk assessment tests, and staff security training. The CISO’s most important task is to prevent hackers and cyber threats from gaining unauthorized access to your network. When we provide CISO services, we create strategies that meet your business’s and network’s specific security needs.

Let us assess your network’s risk

Additional Cyber Security Services

The following services protect your network by assessing your risk levels, protecting your users’ identities, and training your employees.

Risk Assessments

When did you last assess the strength of your IT security? We perform risk assessments to ensure your network isn’t exposed to potential cyber threats. These assessments include operating system updates, standard-compliant security updates, network traffic monitoring, and intrusion detection. You will want to know your system’s vulnerabilities before someone else figures it out.

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Security Awareness Training

Your employees are your first line of defense against cyber attacks. They need to be able to identify the warning signs. We will train your staff to recognize common security threats, such as phishing attacks. Your staff needs to be able to stop threats before they compromise your network. A simple email can actually be a phishing attack, thereby exposing your entire network to hackers. Invest in your employees and increase their cyber security awareness. Your network’s safety could depend on it.

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Identity Management

Organize all of your user IDs and logins, all in one place. Login credentials and passwords can be tedious to navigate. Our identity management solutions that simplify your ability to manage your personal information, including login credentials and passwords. We call these solutions a single pane of glass view. A single pane of glass view will give you the vision to see all of the users who are accessing your network, and at what time.

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Assess Your Network Risk Today

Discover what your network’s current risk level is through one of our risk assessments. We’ll show you where you are so you can mitigate risk going forward.

Intrusion Protection

You need a long view of the IT security and users accessing your network. You need more than just a day-to-day security report.  With intrusion protection,  you can correct your network’s course when you spot emerging cyber threats or unauthorized access happening within your systems.

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HiTek Data will ensure that your company is in compliance with specific state and federal regulations. We keep our clients compliant with regulations such as HIPAA for the healthcare industry and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) for financial information. Staying compliant with all relevant regulations will improve your cyber security and your company’s reputation.

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