Virtual Desktops

Simplify your desktop delivery and turn your business into a more scalable organization.

Do you want to consolidate your desktop infrastructure? If you do, you should take advantage of Hi-Tek’s virtual desktop services.

The #1 Leader in Virtual Desktop Support

Virtual Desktops are computer systems that run all desktop operating systems under one centralized server. Today, most companies operate with some sort of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to manage the network connections for the entire business. Today, virtualization is the best way to go. Hosted virtual desktops consolidate the overall network system under one advanced server data center. In turn, this improves the overall efficiency of the company’s operating system.

Hi-Tek Data is New York’s most trusted source in server virtualization. Our network specialists install optimal solutions that provide a variety of benefits. We’ve built an efficient-running cloud-based system that will cut down hardware expenses and decrease your overall operational costs. Supported by more than 30 years of expertise, Hi-Tek has taken the throne as the industry’s best virtualization provider. We promise to deliver an affordable, reliable, and safe solution that improves the overall user experience for your team.

Hi-Tek’s Private Cloud Guarantees

99.99% up-time service with 24/7 end-user support.

Powerful Virtual Desktop Systems

Hi-Tek Data offers the most intelligent virtualization service on the market. We install virtual machines that are compatible with any device that your company owns. We offer a hosted server that will support your desktop technology including virtual desktops for macs and windows virtual desktops. We help companies implement, maintain and manage virtual environments to ensure that your desktop always runs at peak performance.

Our network technicians also specialize with VMware virtual desktop software. VMware is one of the most popular forms of cloud infrastructure worldwide. As an authorized partner, Hi-Tek uses VMware to aid all hosted desktops with plenty of network support. In addition, Hi-Tek helps make remote access a strong reality for businesses. The virtual desktop cloud solution grants users the ability to connect from any remote location. Whether you’re on-the-go, or just want to work from your Long Island home, our extensive range remote desktop services (RDS) ensures that people will get the luxury of remote accessibility.

Features and Benefits of a Microsoft Virtual Desktop

Hi-Tek Data presents a valuable Microsoft desktop service with automated cloud-based recognition. This one-of-a-kind virtual desktop solution supplies employees with complete access to all business applications and data forms.

Our elite VDI system can ensure that your business:

  • Eliminates upfront server costs
  • Has access to company applications and data through mobile connections
  • Reduces long-term IT issues
  • Has the ability to perform routine maintenance without additional hardware
  • Deletes risks of standalone server issues
  • Gains access to all Microsoft updates without an extra license

Hi-Tek is a world-class IT solution expert. Our certified professionals commit to identify, isolate, and improve support will be to improve your company’s future. With our extensive knowledge and all-inclusive end-user support, we are confident that we can serve that purpose.