Amazon AWS

We make sure AWS is a secure, scalable, premier cloud solution for your business.

Hi-Tek has the expertise to scale Amazon AWS to meet your business needs. We can determine which services you need and how to implement them properly.

AWS is Scalable and Adaptable

Think about what sets your business apart. If you’re not the same as everyone else, then shouldn’t your cloud solution be as specific as your business goals? Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a scalable, adaptable cloud computing solution designed to optimize your network with high-quality cyber security, reliable data sharing, and efficient data migration for a seamless transition. Our team of expert technicians will assist your company with migration, implementation, and ongoing support so you can continue to focus on your business while we handle the IT. When you choose AWS cloud computing services, you’re installing a cloud solution you can count on for the future of your business.

From Data Backup to Data Migration, AWS is a Great Choice

Choose a cloud computing solution that can be customized to your business.

What Makes AWS Stand Out?

Although AWS was a lesser-known cloud solution up until a few years ago, it now stands out from its competitors as one of the premier cloud services available today. Amazon has fine-tuned their product for optimal performance—companies like Netflix and Instagram proudly use AWS, and there’s no reason why you can’t join in the action.

AWS’ innovative cloud offering includes:

  • Remote data centers that specialize in storing data in a private location, safe from intrusion and quickly recoverable
  • Scalable support, so your cloud solution grows as your company does
  • A-la-carte service offering, so you pay for what you need, rather than waste your budget on a one-size-fits-all cloud offering
  • Innovative cyber security
  • Seamless migration from existing network solution
  • Customized service offering for your unique network

If the cloud computing service you work with isn’t improving functionality and optimizing productivity, you’re already behind. Amazon AWS provides the customized cloud computing solutions your company needs to reach your business goals and improve data storage, all at a cost-effective price. If your Long Island/NYC business is looking to expand productivity and take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing, call the experts at Hi-Tek today.

Find a Solution Designed to Optimize Your Business

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