Cloud Computing

We remove the mystery from the cloud so you can reap its benefits.

You should be able to conduct your business anywhere, at any time. With cloud computing, now you can. Improve your network with cloud computing. Hi-Tek Data has the customized solutions you need.

Cloud Computing

Let’s face it—there are more urgent business concerns for you to take care of than network maintenance. With cloud computing, you can remove all the upkeep from your to-do list. Cloud computing allows your team to enjoy the freedom of simple data sharing and document access from wherever they’re working from. Simplify your business with our cloud computing solutions, which are designed to optimize your network with simple data transfer, secure access, and improved cyber security.

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Cloud Computing Services

Don’t let outdated technology hold your company back. Continually using solutions that aren’t performing up to the highest standard can increase downtime, maintenance costs, and stress around your office.

Office 365

Have all of your presentation and communication in one, simple suite of options. The Office 365 and Microsoft 365 plans will give your business a wide range of communication and collaboration options. You will be able to connect with video conferencing and screen-sharing with Microsoft Teams while also using Outlook for email and Word and Excel for various documents and spreadsheets.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a place for you to store all of your cloud-based data. Azure offers a cloud computing environment with data recovery capabilities and customized security offerings.

Virtual Servers

Virtual servers will allow you to remove a lot of the clutter and hardware from your business. You can also customize these servers to meet your business’s specific needs.

Take your business to the next level with Cloud Computing

Take your business to the next level with Cloud Computing

Connect with us today to learn how our custom cloud solutions can take your business to the next level.

The Right Cloud Solution for Your NYC or Long Island Business

 Modernizing your current solution to a high-functioning cloud computing service improves your network in myriad ways.

We offer a diverse range of industry-leading cloud solutions including:

Amazon AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has surged ahead in the past few years and become a leading cloud service provider. It provides remote data backups on AWS servers as well as scalable service offerings, where you can choose only the services you need. Additionally, you can migrate seamlessly from your current network to AWS so your business operations aren’t interrupted.

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Hosted VOIP

Getting tired of the limits of traditional landline phones? If you are, you should transition to a hosted VoIP system. This type of system connects all your phones through the internet, reducing the chances of dropped and disrupted calls. It also offers a wide range of communication options, from simple chat and video conferencing features to entire virtual contact centers. Hosted VoIP gives your business the flexibility it needs to stay competitive in our digital age.

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Virtual Desktops

Virtual desktop solutions allow you to run all your desktops on one centralized server. With this type of solution, you can leverage cloud-based data storage to reduce your hardware expenses. We offer the most intelligent desktop virtualization services on the market, so you can transition your data to virtual storage seamlessly and efficiently.

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