Video Surveillance and Access Control

Proper video surveillance and secure access control is a modern necessity.

Worried about who can access your sensitive data and your facility’s secure areas? Use Hi-Tek’s services to increase your surveillance measures and your network access control.

Access Control

Security is an important part of any commercial building and at Hi-Tek, we refuse to compromise with inadequate equipment and poor strategy. Keeping the occupants and items in your building safe is an important consideration. Tight control of access to the building and areas inside it combined with modern and thorough video surveillance are two keys to an effective overall security plan.

Gone are the days of metal keys and even key cards are going by the wayside for more sophisticated–and more secure–forms of access control. Today’s technology can prevent intruders and unauthorized employees from entering restricted areas of your building. It is important to understand your business’ security needs before implementing modern access control. Some of the benefits of today’s systems include:

Multi-Factor Authentication

This requires the user to present two forms of identification such as an ID card, PIN number, biometrics, or voice and facial recognition. This allows you to specify doors that require higher security.

Mobile Credentials

This is an extra measure that sends an individual passcode to a phone or PIN reader. This eliminates the need for pass keys and provides a level of security that brings a strong return on your investment.

Easy Add/Elimination

When you need to add a new employee or if you must remove a terminated employee today’s systems allow you do do this without any major disruption to the system. No more keys to try to have returned and no emergency trips to the locksmith.

Data Analytics

While allowing and preventing access is critical, even more useful is modern systems can record the historical data coming and going of all employees. This also records and reports attempted entries.

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Video Surveillance

Video monitoring has come a long way from grainy VHS tapes, analog technology, and black and white feeds. Today’s video systems are scalable, digital solutions that enable you to monitor and record indoor and outdoor environments with relative ease. This can be done in-house or even remotely from any computer or mobile device. Higher quality cameras cover a wider range which means you need fewer of them to cover the same square footage. Where video was once stored on VHS tapes, digital storage means you can keep more footage stored. These advances mean that a quality video surveillance system can be had for any size budget and purpose.

Secure Your Long Island or NYC Business With Hi-Tek

As a business owner it is your responsibility to keep your employees, customers, and your building safe and if you have a new building or are relying on old technology, call Hi-Tek today. We can assess your security needs, work with you to find an affordable and effective security solution, and install it to your exact specifications.

Proper security doesn’t have to break the bank, call us today to find out how.