Managed Print Services

Hi-Tek offers a hassle-free printing solution.

Do you need help managing your printer or printers? Hi-Tek will manage them so you can run your business.

What is Managed Print Services?

Business printers can be quite the challenge for any company – even one with an internal IT department. Nowadays, offices are heavily dependent on managed printers or cloud-based printing solutions. A printing system can be quite the nightmare for technicians and office assistants to take care of. This is why companies often acquire managed print service support.

A managed print service (MPS) is a print management program that governs all of your printing devices including printers, copiers, faxing machines, and scanners. Hi-Tek’s MPS systems provide certified technicians to perform routine maintenance and supply a surplus of toner cartridges to support your printing needs without having to reorder supplies. Though an MPS service can be a lifesaving solution, it can also be very problematic and expensive. Fortunately, there is a perfect MPS solution that will help your company save money, perform all print jobs, and eliminate wasted cartridges and paper.

Save 40% Of Operating Costs

Hi-Tek Data’s managed print services will help your business save on printing expenses.

Print Management Solutions

Having trouble finding the right printer cartridge? Is it always out of stock when you need it most? Do you always have problems printing out a double-sided document? Are you finding yourself printing out things on multiple-sized pages?

If any of these issues apply to you, then a managed print service is probably something you need. Luckily, Hi-Tek Data provides a simple and cost-effective MPS solution that can perfectly suit the needs of your company. Our comprehensive support program applies to various forms of mobile printing technologies and connected printers including all hp managed print services.

In an age that revolves around wireless technology and cloud compatible devices, we understand that a managed cloud print service can play a significant impact on the efficiency of your company’s workflow. Whether it’s a technical struggle with your printing infrastructure, a cloud compatibility issue, or you just need some new toner cartridges, we got you covered no matter what. We’ll take care of your printing system from head to toe!

Our certified technicians are trained and prepared to handle everything you need. Hi-Tek Data will deliver an exceptional technical solution so you can focus on your business. Interested in Hi-Tek’s print management services? Have a question about any other service? Are you based in New York City or Long Island and need managed printing help? Let us know. We’d love to chat!

Simplify Printing for Your Entire Business

Selection – Evaluating your print needs and choosing a printer or multifunction device that meets those needs.

Support – Installing an agent on your printer that monitors its performance and detects technical issues. During this stage, technicians perform routine maintenance and deliver toner cartridges straight to your office.

Manage – Reviewing your print usage every month or quarter. We will examine how many pages were printed and determine what you need based on those results. We’ll help you budget your expenses appropriately so there are no surprises when the bill comes.