Computer Repair

Do you need immediate computer repair?

If you’re looking for computer repair, contact Hi-Tek. We’ll resolve all your computer problems, even we’re not your current MSP.

Computer Repair in NYC

Few things can cost your NYC or Long Island company more time and money than downtime. If your equipment isn’t operating properly, you’re already at a disadvantage. Make sure you’re working with an IT provider that delivers repair solutions that get you back to work with minimal downtime. Our team will function as your go-to computer repair company, even if you don’t use us as an MSP. If you’re looking for quick and efficient computer repair, look no further—we provide the service your equipment needs. We provide repair services compatible with your specific hardware solution so that you always have someone you can call in your time of need.

How Efficient Is Your Current IT Repair Solution?

We’ll help you get your hardware up and running quickly.

Need Help Fast?

Our computer and PC repair services are designed to minimize work stoppages for optimum productivity. Whether you need onsite assistance or wish to take your equipment to our office for a full assessment, we can work around your needs and schedule. We work with equipment from industry-leading brands including HP, Lenovo, and Dell, so you know that we’ll be able to handle any computer repair that comes our way.

Our services include:

  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Detailed diagnostic services
  • On-site repair
  • Quality service with a quick turnaround time

Whether it’s an issue with your server, desktop, or laptop, we provide the quality repair and support you need to get back to work quickly. Many traditional MSP’s only offer repair services to their specific clients—at Hi-Tek, we’re more than happy to share the wealth of experience we have with customers new and old.