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Hi-Tek Data offers customized IT services, from cyber security to hardware procurement to custom app design, to improve our clients’ performance.

Hi-Tek Data has the services you need to keep your network running well. From cyber security to cloud solutions to app and web development, we’ll customize each service to meet your network’s specific needs.

What Kinds of Services Does Hi-Tek Data Provide?

Hi-Tek Data provides a wide range of managed IT services and solutions to keep small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) running smoothly on Long Island and in New York City. We can design and build the solutions you need, and we can also use our vendor partnerships to offer you industry-leading hardware, software, and cloud services, among other solutions. If you want to streamline your IT infrastructure and plan for your network’s future, Hi-Tek Data is ready to work with you.

, What We Do

IT services offer you the support you need to keep your network functioning while you run your business.

Cyber security protects your infrastructure from any threats that arise. Together, these services form the backbone of a healthy IT infrastructure.

IT Services

These are the services that keep your network running well. Our IT services include managed IT services, business continuity, network design, staff augmentation, IT support, IT staff support, vCIO, and IT consulting services. We customize each one of these services to fit your business’s individual network and overall IT infrastructure. If you need additions to your network, we’ll focus on network design. If you want to prepare for any disaster, we’ll boost your business continuity planning. At Hi-Tek, we base our services and solutions around what you want and need for your network.

Cyber Security

Every business needs to keep its network safe, and this is especially true for SMBs. Why? SMBs often reduce IT costs by implementing fewer security measures, so hackers have begun targeting their networks more and more over the past decade. If you implement security measures such as penetration testing, ransomware prevention, and security awareness training, you can fill in the gaps in your network security systems and reduce the chance of cyber attacks harming your network. Partner with us today to begin improving your network’s cyber security.

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Create Apps to Boost Your Business

Partner with Hi-Tek Data to design and build the apps your business needs to boost team member and customer interactions.

Improving Your Network Virtually and Physically

We set our clients up with cloud services, design custom apps for them, and procure the hardware and software their network needs. Overall, we have the virtual and physical capabilities to give your network everything it needs to meet your business goals.

Cloud Computing

We provide a range of cloud computing services to improve your network’s mobility. For example, we set our clients up with Office 365, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services (AWS), or a combination of these cloud services, so they can take advantage of one’s specific advantages. For example, we’ll install and deploy Office 365 to improve communications through email and video conferencing, while we’ll install Azure to give them features such as Platform as a Service (PaaS), customized security measures, and data recovery services. We also provide hosted VoIP services along with virtual desktop and virtual server solutions. All these options give you the chance to fully embrace cloud technology.

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App & Web Development

Does your business require custom application or web development services? If so, you should partner with us to receive customized solutions to fit your business’s app and web needs. With app development, we make sure the apps we create are tailored for our clients’ network functionalities. This personalized approach allows our clients to integrate these apps into their daily tasks and communications so they produce timely, effective work with great results. In addition to developing apps, we also develop custom databases and web solutions, and we increase clients’ site traffic through our digital marketing services. Whatever development your SMB needs, Hi-Tek provides it.

, What We Do

Additional Services

From cabling services to computer and printer repair to IT procurement, we offer all the supplemental services you need to keep your hardware and software running smoothly. These are the services that boost and streamline your IT infrastructure. They also include video surveillance and access control, so you know your facilities are secure. With these additional services, you can keep your hardware and software operating longer and more effectively than it did before. Connect with us to learn how each of these services can improve your network’s infrastructure and operations.

, What We Do