Subscription Terms


This STATEMENT OF WORK  (this “SOW”), is by and between HI-TEK DATA, CORP. (“HTD”), a New York corporation having an address at 6901 Jericho Tpke., Suite, 107, Syosset, NY 11791, and the applicable “Client”.


Hi-Tek Data shall provide Customer with Microsoft 365 subscriptions through Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE) program.

Terms options are as follows:

  • Annual term, monthly payments
  • Annual term, up-front payment
  • Monthly term with 20% surcharge, monthly payments

Annual subscriptions shall have an initial term of twelve (12) months and automatically renew for additional one (1) year terms, each an “Extension Term.”

Each separate Microsoft 365 product subscription has its own term and contract period. Customer’s terms and renewal dates of active Microsoft 365 subscriptions are defined in the Subscriptions section below.

Cancelation Policy:

Microsoft 365 subscriptions of any term can only be cancelled within the first 72 hours of that term, with prorated refund (calculated daily). After that first 72 hours, no cancellation is possible.

Subscriptions cannot be cancelled or reduced mid-term. Cancellations or seat reductions can only be performed at the expiration of the subscription’s term.

In the event of a termination prior to the end of any Microsoft 365 subscription term, or if Customer cancels their Managed IT Services SOW prior to the end of any subscription term in this SOW, Customer is still responsible to pay for the subscriptions until the remainder of each term.

Microsoft 365 subscriptions are not transferrable to other partners.

Billing Method:

Hi-Tek Data will either provide Microsoft 365 subscriptions as “bundled” into our Managed IT Services per user fee or billed “ala carte”.

Specific Microsoft 365 subscriptions are bundled into a Per User Fee as defined in Hi-Tek Data’s Managed IT Services SOW. If the Managed IT Services user count is reduced, the bundled Per User fee will be reduced accordingly, however any unused Microsoft 365 seats will be billed ala carte in accordance with the cancellation policy in this SOW.

Additional Microsoft 365 subscriptions will be billed ala carte.

Fees for all 365 subscriptions billed ala carte, even those not listed in this SOW, will be priced at the rate currently listed on Microsoft’s website.


The products & services included in the Microsoft 365 subscriptions shall be performed pursuant to and in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Master Services Agreement (“MSA”) by Hi-Tek Data, Corp.  Link to the MSA: https://hitekdata.com/msa.

Microsoft 365 subscriptions can be upgraded to a higher-level product (ie. from Microsoft 365 Business Basic to Microsoft 365 Business Premium) and seat quantities can be increased (ie. from qty 100 to 101) mid-term. However, subscriptions cannot be cancelled or reduced mid-term as defined in the Cancellation Policy.

Payment during the “contract period” is to be made out to Hi-Tek Data Corp., regardless if the “customer” (defined above) is a managed services customer or not.