Information Technology Tips for Small Businesses

Millions of cyber threats are swarming around the web, but we’ve outlined seven foolproof ways you can keep them away from your most valuable assets.

Managed IT Solutions—7 Awesome DIY Tips

The right tech support can have a monumental impact on your business’s bottom line. Today’s world of business technology revolves around cloud computing, which means it’s best to tie all your servers and networks together in a managed bundle. It always helps to have a managed service provider (MSP) in your corner, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up total control of your infrastructure. 

While these experts have plenty of service offerings that can steer you away from the web’s most critical dangers, you can also take a proactive approach with just a little maintenance and monitoring. The best part is it’s very simple and won’t put a big dent in your budget.

Here’s what you need to do: 

Put up a Firewall

It doesn’t matter how big your business is, because cyber criminals target companies of all sizes. So if you run a small startup operation, you aren’t off the hook—this might make you even more vulnerable to hackers. While larger enterprises typically have more data to steal, small businesses usually have less secure networks, making it easier to breach them. A firewall is one of the best lines of defense you can build around your network. It provides a barrier between your data and cyber criminals. For maximum protection, it’s better to invest in an external and internal firewall system. 

Make Your Cyber Security Policies Clear

Companies need structure, especially when it comes to network security. Document any cyber security protocols and share them in highly visible places. Provide all employees with a copy of the safety response procedure. This document shows how to respond properly during technical emergencies. Consider supporting your team with a comprehensive toolkit that contains best practice information, policies and standards, a disaster response checklist, and a list of training resources. 

Accommodate for Mobile Technology

In 2016, TechPro Research reported that 59% of businesses in the United States allow “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policies. And the trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing. With the increasing popularity of smart watches, tablets, and other mobile technologies, it’s critical for businesses to deploy more adaptive security measures. Create a device policy and set up automatic security updates that require company password access. 

Train Your Team 

This should go without saying, but it’s necessary to educate all employees on cyber security. Tech criminals are becoming savvier as technology continues to evolve. With that said, hold each employee accountable and continue to inform them about technology policies. In addition, it would be helpful to activate simulated cybert ests. This keeps your employees alert and conditions them to respond appropriately when cyber attacks occur. 

Establish a Backup Routine

It’s always smart to train your employees, but there’s no escaping the inevitable. Disasters can strike from any angle at the most inopportune times. Because of that, you’ll want to preserve your most important documents. Be sure to back up files regularly. This includes valuable items such as spreadsheets, business plans, human resource files, financial reports, and any customer-related information. Work with a managed security professional and make sure all your data is regularly restored in a safe data center. 

Install Antivirus Software 

Phishing emails are easy to identify, but, unfortunately, people can still fall victim to such traps. Some viruses get through the cracks easily. And if a malware threat ends up in your network, it can spread quickly and cause untold damage. Many malware attacks carry enough power to wipe out your entire server, compromising anything valuable your business possesses. Have a conversation with your MSP to decide which antivirus software is best for your network. 

Make Your Passwords Authentic

Always enforce a safe-password strategy. Hackers are easily able to detect passwords through a variety of malicious exercises. Not only should your passwords be protected, but they need to be sophisticated. We recommend that all employees be required to use upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols in their passcodes. Finally, add an extra layer of security with password encryption support. 

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