How Virtual Tech Support Can Support Your IT Team

Business technology can be a huge mess to untangle, but it’s a necessary evil. Many companies can’t afford to hire an internal IT staff, but a virtual CIO service can be just as instrumental.  

The Benefits of a CIO Advisory Service

The business technology landscape is constantly changing. Building an IT team didn’t always seem like an uphill battle for companies, but with such a dramatic digital transformation over the past decade, it’s become vital for employers to hire only top talent. While that may seem like an appealing solution, it’s not quite that easy. Not only do these technicians need to accommodate for the business’s needs, but they must be agile enough to keep up with the technology industry’s most popular trends and biggest cybersecurity concerns.  

But a virtual CIO (vCIO) is like having your own professional assistant. These experts provide companies with technical support and security protection when they don’t have the capacity to manage everything in-house. They become your right-hand partner for computer fixes, software installations, disaster recovery, and everything in between. And they provide enough guidance so you’re always able to leverage the best results from your information technology. 

Here are five categories a professional CIO services can enhance:


DevOps is a custom software model used to support the ongoing demands of an IT and internal operations team. DevOps is like the oil in an engine, except the engine is your company. While many components give the engine its boost, the oil is what allows it to run smoothly. A vCIO constantly monitors your DevOps  system and tunes up efficiencies for every department in your company.

Cyber Security

Millions of cyber threats swarm around the web, and plenty of them have enough power to take your entire operation out of commission. You need an effective defense system to fend off these issues. Your vCIO is responsible for monitoring and defending against cyber threats as soon as they arise. These cyber security specialists provide layers of protection such as firewalls, antivirus software, and a variety of other tools to keep your data out of harm’s way. 

Threat Intelligence

They may be cyber security experts, but how exactly do vCIOs pinpoint the anatomy of a threat? They have access to predictive analytics, which enables them to identify issues in real time and help your company maintain an edge. With better threat detection, you can find new ways to detect patterns in threats and make improvements.

Incident Response

Disaster can strike from any angle at any point, so there’s never a good time to take the backseat. If your network gets struck by a cyber attack, your vCIO will immediately trigger the data backup process, disaster recovery efforts, and any other necessary restoration action. These professionals take a proactive approach during the most critical times, which can help save you a lot of money and sanity in the long run.

Business Process Efficiencies

Today’s technology landscape has many complexities, but a variety of resources can help overcome those obstacles. CIO advisory professionals work to support you with the tools that help you get the most from your IT systems. They are constantly searching for ways to make your day-to-day easier. Whether it’s updating software or providing dynamic cloud services, improved applications, or even mobile resources, you can count on a vCIO to help make your IT environment faster, safer, and simpler all around.  

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