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There are many different types of threats in the online world – phishing attacks, Denial of Service, ransomware, brute force attacks, and many other forms of cyber attacks and malware. The tactics are ever-evolving, and your company needs to have an updated, well-informed defense. Hi-Tek Data can provide your company with the best cybersecurity in the New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut area.

Hi-Tek Data’s Cybersecurity

With Hi-Tek Data’s cybersecurity, you can have access to regular risk assessment checks, which will probe your network, find the weak points and strengthen them. We will also provide redundant backups of all of your data, in the event that some data is lost or stolen. We can also manage all of the logins and identities that will be accessing your network. You will be given a top-down view of all the activity in your network.

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability management is the process of identifying, prioritizing, and resolving any weaknesses in an operating system, server software, and end-user applications. Vulnerability management is an ongoing process that will continually monitor the security of your entire network.

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Addressing Threats Proactively

Managing threats is a reactive process – a malicious actor will attack your network, and the defense then responds. That is not the approach that Hi-Tek Data takes. Our Vulnerability Management and Assessments will allow your network to have a proactive approach to cybersecurity. We will not be waiting around and seeing what happens; we will actively stop problems before they occur.

More Than Just Patches

Vulnerability management is much more than simply reconfiguring security settings and making minor security changes. Vulnerability management is about proactively finding vulnerabilities, removing them, and building a network around that new information. A secure network needs constant attention.

Defining a Vulnerability

New vulnerabilities can be identified every day. A strong security network needs to be able to define what those vulnerabilities are, so in the future they can be identified and remedied even quicker. A disciplined and informed network is necessary for the best security.

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