Getting ROI on Cloud Investment

When you break it down, cloud computing is just a math equation. All you need to do is develop a plan, add some training and automated technology, then measure your success. 

Businesses across the globe have now adopted at least some form of cloud technology. And while millions thrive, many are still missing out on all the benefits. The truth is that not everyone uses cloud computing effectively. While this technology helps make our day-to-day easier, some question whether it’s really worth the investment. This blog shows how your cloud service can help your company achieve more success.

Creating Better ROI With a Cloud Computing Service 

As a leading force for IT support on Long Island, we’ve seen it all when it comes to cloud computing. One of the most common issues is complete mismanagement of the cloud as a whole. Many people assume that moving to the cloud will instantly improve their lives with more efficiencies and better data security. This is true, but it doesn’t eliminate all responsibility. Even partnering with the best cloud business requires regular effort on your end, but in the long run, it will help your company be more successful. The best part is it only takes four easy steps:

Create a Game Plan

This should go without saying, but comprehensive and thoughtful planning are critical for you to derive the best results from your cloud investment. Moving to the cloud can be an exciting change, but many people let their enthusiasm get the best of them. Jumping into the cloud is a risky move, especially if you don’t survey the field ahead of time. 

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of your strategy before kicking off the migration. Analyze the risk, costs, and overall capacity needs. For best results, build a checklist that incorporates the following criteria:

  • Concerns you would like a business partner to settle
  • Datasets that can be converted to the cloud safely and efficiently
  • Potential issues that may impede the organization as a result of cloud migration
  • Software applications and hardware devices that align within budget
  • Opportunities to cut costs and minimize security threats

Educate Your Team 

Now that you’ve developed the perfect strategy, it’s time to put it into effect. The first order of business is to train your employees. Once you’ve migrated to the cloud, you’ll need to show your staff how to use the technology properly. Plenty of machine learning programs can help, but a number of different resources might drive a bigger impact. If you are giving your entire infrastructure a makeover, you may want to invest in some external training from a certified professional. Hiring a dedicated cloud team is one of the best things to consider. These experts are constantly working so you can get the best value from your cloud environment. 

Here are some of the things a cloud computing professional will cover:

Measure Your Performance 

You’ve finally got your cloud technology up and running, so it’s time to relax, right? Wrong! At this point, a lot has to be monitored. So go back to your original game plan and think about the objectives you laid out. What was your reasoning for migrating to the cloud? Did you want faster tools? More ability to scale? Better security? Or did you just want to minimize your workload? Perhaps it was a combination of all these needs. It doesn’t matter why you’re converting to the cloud—just make sure your cloud environment is measurable. 

Fortunately, plenty of tools can gauge just how well your technology is performing. Your cloud computing service provider needs to support you with a system that allows you to track real-time cost-performance ratios. These allow you to see where your cloud source is doing well and help you determine strategies for future improvements.

Use Cloud Automation 

Automating your cloud network is a surefire way to make your investment worthwhile. Using automated software such as [Pardot] or [Hubspot] alleviates a lot of the complexity that comes along with the cloud. These tools are “hands-off” resources, meaning you won’t have to activate any functions manually. They are programmed to back up sensitive data so you always have access to the most relevant version. And when you’re running out of storage space, you’ll receive an alert from your data center that tells you what steps to take next. 

When you’re running a business, you have many things to juggle and might not have much time to manage your technology. By automating your cloud environment, you are freeing up more time to build a better business strategy and focus on what’s most important—serving your customers and generating a profit. 

Hi-Tek Data—A Cloud Computing Company You Can Trust

At Hi-Tek Data, we make your move to the cloud simple and cost-effective. We are experts in every aspect of cloud computing. Whether it’s a private cloud platform or a hybrid cloud data center, we have the resources and expertise to help you get the most from your investment. And we promise to do whatever it takes for you to maintain a competitive edge for years to come.

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