Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

With the rise in natural disasters and weather-related catastrophes, the need for a business continuity solution to handle the backup and recovery for your business-critical data has never been greater. Our business continuity solutions—hosted on your premises or in the cloud—are designed to support and manage your entire IT system in the event of an emergency.

Hi-Tek Data offers business continuity & disaster recovery assessments, including network and systems health testing to diagnose potential problems that may affect recovery objectives. Our high standards provide our clients with business continuity solutions that allow our clients to rest easier knowing their business’ data is safe and secure.

Solution Benefits:

  • Reduced impact of disruptive events
  • Simplified disaster and recovery planning
  • More complete high availability
  • More cost-effective disaster recovery
  • Autonomy within a redundant infrastructure
  • Decreased costs associated with backing up servers