Virtual Servers

Hi-Tek Data’s managed virtual server hosting offers real benefits to your business network . . . and your balance sheet. Our managed virtual server hosting offers guaranteed 100% uptime. In fact, it’s been designed specifically for small and midsized businesses by the experienced professionals of Hi-Tek Data, a company that has been helping companies like yours tackle their IT challenges for more than 30 years.

Our managed virtual server hosting includes complete server patching, administration, support and backup responsibilities, offloading all of your virtual server management to our highly experienced support team. The result is a completely customizable and managed private cloud-based virtual server hosting solution that offers real benefits to your business:

  • Financially sound, every step of the way - Virtual server hosting means no big capital outlay for hardware and delivery of an immediate return on your investment. With Hi-Tek Data Cloud, you can pay as you grow, and our cost-effective cloud hosting plans make IT budgeting predictable and affordable.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to mission-critical data - Our private cloud virtual server hosting based technology offers root-level access to the operating system. Users can easily access and share company data from a single, secure source with access from any internet connection.
  • Industry-leading customer support - Our Service Desk takes care of your technical issues and answers your questions. Service calls can be tracked online 24/7 via our web portal to view the status of open service calls.
  • Agile business planning - With access to a deep pool of industry IT experts, we can consult with you on many business challenges. You’ll be able to take advantage of evolving technologies quickly, and efficiently change business plans using an elastic cloud-based IT solution.
  • Managed security and firewall protection - Included with all managed virtual server plans.
  • 99.99% guaranteed uptime - Our service level agreement includes service interruption guarantees