Virtual Desktops

Hi-Tek Data’s cloud-based Virtual Desktop solution presents a Microsoft desktop to any device providing access to your business applications and data from any internet connection. Eliminating the task of managing in-house IT hardware and back-end systems, Virtual Desktop greatly reduces IT capital expenses on hardware, software, licensing and IT management costs.

Our virtual desktop hosting service delivers true IT as a service including deployment of your business applications and data into a secure private cloud, data security setup, virtual desktop and server deployment and application integration. Combine this with our world-class end-user help desk support and the Hi-Tek Data Virtual Desktop service makes a compelling argument against traditional desktop solutions.

With Virtual Desktop, your business will:

  • Eliminate all upfront costs associated with replacing legacy servers, software and licensing.
  • Improve productivity with the ability to access all business data and applications from any internet connection using an iPad, tablet, thin client, laptop or desktop computer.
  • Eliminate the risk of single point of failure in standalone desktop solutions.
  • Gain access to the latest Microsoft desktop products without upfront licensing and provisioning costs.
  • Be able to select from more than a dozen Microsoft desktop applications such as Microsoft Office, Project, Visio as well as other third party applications.
  • Reduce long-term IT costs by eliminating expensive in-house desktop computers and the costs to manage them. Replace end-of-life desktop computers with thin clients, tablets or portable devices.
  • Add virtual servers, desktops, data storage and capacity instantly without the need to wait for additional hardware or endure expensive onsite installation costs.
  • Managed virtual server and desktop maintenance, Automated Microsoft Windows security updates, anti-virus, data backups and system management.
  • Benefit from a complete turnkey solution that outsources your IT infrastructure to a private cloud hosting provider with 99.99% guaranteed uptime service level agreements and 24/7 end-user support.